Saturday, Jan 21                          HK's Bar & Grill, Rancho Cucamonga

Saturday, Feb 4                            Private Event

Sunday, Feb 5                              W.C. Elks Lodge Super Bowl Party

Saturday, Feb 25                          Cask 'n Cleaver, San Dimas

Saturday, Mar 4                            The Continental, Glendora

Saturday, Mar 10                          Private Event


Friday, Mar 31                              Etiwanda Roadhouse, Alta Loma  

Saturday, Apr 8                            210 Tavern, Rancho Cucamonga

Saturday, Apr 22                          Cask 'n Cleaver, San Dimas

Saturday, Apr 29                          Etiwanda Roadhouse, Alta Loma

Saturday, May 20                         HK's Bar & Grill, Rancho Cucamonga

Saturday, Jun 3                            210 Tavern, Rancho Cucamonga

Saturday, Jun 10                          Private Event (Victor's wedding reception)

Saturday, Jun 24                          HK's Bar & Grill, Rancho Cucamonga

Friday, Jun 30                               Etiwanda Roadhouse, Alta Loma

Saturday, Jul 22                           Cask 'n Cleaver, San Dimas

Saturday, Jul 29                           Etiwanda Roadhouse, Alta Loma

Tuesday, Aug 1                             City of Covina National Night Out

Saturday, Aug 26                          The Continental, Glendora

Friday, Sep 1                                 Grazies, Upland

Saturday, Sep 16                          HK's Bar & Grill, Rancho Cucamonga

Saturday, Sep 23                          Private Event

Saturday, Sep 30                          Etiwanda Roadhouse, Alta Loma

Saturday, Oct 7                            The Continental, Glendora

Saturday, Oct 14                           Private Event

Saturday, Oct 21                           210 Tavern, Rancho Cucamonga

Friday, Nov 3                                 Grazies, Upland

Saturday, Nov 18                          HK's Bar & Grill, Rancho Cucamonga

Sunday, Dec 3                              Choir Boys Toy Run

Saturday, Dec 9                            The Continental, Glendora

Sunday, Dec 31                            New Year's Eve Party - Clubhouse 66



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